Meet Mediterranean Lettings

Mediterranean Lettings was born from the conviction that, to fully enjoy a place you have to feel at home. Under this premise was how we decided to dedicate ourselves to the management of vacation rentals, becoming a safe and reliable bridge between owners who decide to rent their properties and future guests.
The evolution of the market and the new housing paradigms have led us to offer a wider coverage of stays, offering in addition to vacation rentals, temporary rentals for medium and long stays and housing adapted to the business traveler.

Our mission is to make you feel at home

In Mediterranean Lettings we have a wide range of properties spread throughout the Mediterranean, offering a comprehensive service of care and rental management. We select homes for management located, to a greater extent, unique locations where it allows those who stay to enjoy incredible views, the urban movement of central locations and of course, a totally Mediterranean atmosphere.

Our philosophy is based on providing a personalized, professional and high quality service to our tenants and owners, always looking for the satisfaction of both parties. We dream of bringing the Mediterranean atmosphere to the world. Today, we can say that we have become one of the most recommended companies on the Costa Blanca and with a greater housing solution for its tenants. The satisfaction of being remembered drives us to improve every day and to continue promoting the tourism and housing sector.

Find out about our story

Many know us as the first company of tourist apartments in Alicante, what is certain is that almost 10 years ago began a small project that would eventually become our profession. Its founder, Nuria Soriano, perceived a need and launched us to cover a market niche that was obsolete and did not go beyond the classic rentals without added value.

Our aim was to create a network of vacation homes that could be converted into homes during the period they were occupied. We wanted our clients to feel at home, so we searched for high quality properties with interesting locations for travelers and visitors to the Costa Blanca. Once found, our job was to accommodate them to enjoy unique and homely stays.

Now, in Mediterranean Lettings we offer housing solutions, with an offer of vacation and temporary medium and long term stays in different types of homes.

We have a great team of experts in different areas, related to decoration, professional cleaning and tourism, that make our work possible. In short, at Mediterranean Lettings we offer vacation homes with all the comforts of the modern world.

Our Values



Transfer and cleaning services included*.

Preferential rates for long stays

Plug & Play: Everything you need

Walk alone and you will go fast, walk together and you will go far.

Direct and indirect people committed to their work and to a common goal, customer satisfaction, is what allows Mediterranean Lettings to develop an integral and quality management.